Elektra E340F – Electric Door Controller

This Electrically operated Door closer is easy to use with the highest degree of

Elektra EIM150 – Pneumatic In-swing door

The parallel shaft mechanism used in the door to control the opening and closing of the door makes Sure the door opens

Elektra EOM240 – Pneumatic Out-swing door

Compressed air from the vehicle is used as the Source of power for this controller. A cylinder with a Screw propeller

Elektra EJM300 – Pneumatic Jack-Knife door

Compared to a conventional floor mount system, this System saves a lot of space since the controller is mounted On the top and closed.

Elektra EOC24F – Electric out-swing door

The electrical out-swing door controller is compact in Structure, Highly efficient, and driven by DC electrical Motor.

Elektra SL650 – Wheelchair lift

ELEKTRA SL650 is a retractable semi-automatic wheel chair lift developed to be fitted

Elektra UVL1200 – Wheelchair lift

ELEKTRA UVL 1200 is a retractable, completely automatic under lift made in stainless

Elektra MWR920 – ManualRamp

Elektra MWR920 can be applied to a low-floor city bus.
It can help a person to enter the bus comfortably

Elektra RF400 – Retractable Footstep

Elektra RF400 is specially designed to facilitate passenger convenience in high-floor buses.


Elektra FF200 Foldable Foot Step is specially designed to facilitate passenger convenience in the high hump of the buses


Elektra footrest is specially designed to facilitate passenger convenience at the passenger seat.