Elektra EOM240 – Pneumatic Out-Swing Door

Product Description

Compressed air from the vehicle is used as the Source of power for this controller. A cylinder with a Screw propeller is used to actuate the swing mechanism In the controller. A drive shaft is attached with the Swing-arm which is connected to the door and the rotary Motion produced in the cylinder is converted to swing Action in the door and thus the door opening and closing Is achieved smoothly.

Product Superiority

  • Designed as per AIS-052
  • Operation indication system with light and sound
  • Integrated manual operation in case of emergency
  • Inner and outer emergency pneumatic switches

Technical Specification

  • Electrical Input : 24V / 12V
  • Power : 4.8W / 2.4W
  • Door type: Out-swing Door
  • Door Material: MS/Aluminum
  • Door Size: As Per Customer Requirement
  • Number of doors: Single door / Double door
  • Door Operation: Pneumatic Operated
  • Door mechanism mounting: Top Mounted / Bottom Mounted
  • Working Air Pressure: 4 -8 bar
  • Turning Angle: ≥120◦
  • Anti-clamp force: Yes
  • Opening/ Closing Time: 4sec
  • Maximum Loading Capacity: 1000N
  • Swing direction: Left / Right
  • Working Temp: -40℃ – 80℃


Pneumatic Out-swing door system includes Door panels and door assembly parts
(swing-arm, cylinder, valve, etc…)

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