Elektra EJM300 – Pneumatic Jack-Knife Door

Product Description

Compared to a conventional floor mount system, this system saves a lot of space since the controller is mounted On the top and closed. Since the controller is closed there Is no dust entering the controller and cylinder is minimum and life is enhanced. Uniform load distribution reduces the Jerking of doors and smooth operation is ensured.

Product Superiority:

Pneumatic jack-knife door system include Door panels and door assembly parts (connection-plate, cylinder, emergency Handle etc…)

Technical Specification

  • Electrical Input : 24V / 12V
  • Power : 4.8W / 2.4W
  • Door type: Jack & Knife Door
  • Door Material: MS/Aluminum
  • Door Size: As Per Customer Requirement
  • Number of doors: Single Leaf / Double Leaf
  • Door Operation: Pneumatic Operated
  • Door mechanism mounting: Top Mounted / Bottom Mounted
  • Working Air Pressure: 4 -8 bar
  • Turning Angle: ≥90◦
  • Anti-clamp force: Yes
  • Opening/ Closing Time: 4sec
  • Maximum Loading Capacity: 1000N
  • Swing direction – Left / Right
  • Operation indication system with light and sound


Pneumatic jack-knife door system includes Door panels and door assembly parts (connection-plate, cylinder, emergency Handle, etc…)

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