Door Maintenance & Care

Maintaining the Doors

Before each trip, inspect the door operations to ensure they are working properly. The following are items that need to be frequently inspected to ensure the doors remain in good working order.

Manual Door Operations

Inspect daily the door mechanism for loose or damaged parts. Open and close to see that the door is moving smoothly, closes properly and the door mechanism (handle) latches properly when closed. Repair, replace or adjust as necessary.

Automatic Door Operations

Inspect daily to ensure the door power mechanisms are working properly. Open and close the door using the console switch and then again using the exterior key switch, if so equipped. If door is not operating properly have adjusted or repaired as necessary.

Door Alignment

Check daily to ensure the door closes properly and that the seals are in
proper alignment when closed. Check all nuts and bolts for tightness and have realigned as necessary.

Door Handle Operation

Check daily, adjust or replace as necessary.

Lock Sets, Latches and Hardware

Check daily for damage or worn areas, replace as necessary. Apply lubricants at least every 3 weeks. If vehicle is exposed to salt air lubricate more often.

  • Key holes
  • Latches
  • Hinges
  • Door Pins

Lubricate with white lithium grease applied on all attaching mechanisms, and in keyhole. Lubricate with a Silicon-based product directly applied to the hinges. Lubricate with light machine oil.

Pivot Points

Inspect daily for damaged, worn or loose parts. Tighten any loose areas such as
bolts, hinges, pins, nuts, etc. or replace parts as necessary.
Aluminium Components – Clean as needed. Use a mild all purpose cleaner and wipe dry.

Door Seals

Check daily and replace if damaged or worn. Use a silicone based spray weekly
to lightly coat the door seal surfaces.

Rubber /Extrusions

Check daily for cracks/worn areas, replace as necessary. Clean regularly using nonabrasive, noncorrosive all-purpose cleaner, followed by vinyl protector.