Product Description

The electrical out-swing door controller is compact in Structure, Highly efficient, and driven by DC electrical Motor. Available in both 12V and 24V which is the Universal standard power supply available in buses. Manual mode during power failure ensures safety During a power loss or emergency situations. Applicable To various bus models where there is no compressed air source.

Product Superiority

  • Driven by highly efficient DC Motor
  • High-quality linkage of arm ensure the proper operation
  • Intelligent PCB controller governs the safety aspects
  • Overload protection devices for safety and reliability
  • LED indication and Buzzer provision for an opening for cautioning the passenger
  • Motor Speed Control device for adjusting the door opening/closing speed
  • Total device protected with good quality cover ( IP65 )
  • Robust design for managing the automotive vibrations and different road condition
  • Easy Installation facilities with required electrical accessories
  • Energy consumption reduced by 80– 90% compared to pneumatic drives
  • Improves bus fuel efficiency by 2%
  • CO2 emissions cut by 1.9 tones per bus in city traffic per year

Technical Specification

  • Control Voltage – 24V/12V
  • Motor power – 80W
  • Maximum swing Angle – ≤ 140°
  • Maximum Loading Capacity – 1000N
  • Ambient temperature – -40°C to +55°C
  • Opening Direction – Forward / Backward
  • Swing Direction – Left / Right
  • Open/Close Time of door – 3.5s~4.5s
  • Max. Lifting height – 20mm(at 140 swing angle)
  • Max Gradient – Normally 5°
  • Floor Mounted System
  • With Anti-Pinch Force
  • Type of Door: Outswing door
  • Designed as per AIS052
  • Speed Control adjustment
  • Thermal Circuit Breaker
  • Location of LED Indicator
  • Auto / Manual Lever for Changeover
  • PCB Controlled to avoid Manual Error

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