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History has shown us on several occasions as to how an unfortunate incident can trigger something revolutionary in life. Such was the background to the birth of a brand that aimed to erase the worries of parents who send their kids to school in a bus. Though regarded as a society that values safety a lot, India is still a country that is far from adopting safe transportation practices and products, especially when it comes to public transportation. Thus, ElektraTM, a brand that germinated out of a freak incident involving a young boy, made “safety in every dimension” as the tagline in all its market offerings.

We specialise in bus
door mechanisms

Rigorously tested



IATF certified

Elektra was an early mover in designing and manufacturing the first automatic electric door control system for buses. “We take great pride in mentioning that its products support the ‘Make in India’ campaign and all our products have been rated and certified by recognised agencies on safety and performance such as”,

ARAI – Automotive research association of India
ICAT – International center for automotive technology

Recently, Elektra designed and developed India’s first automatic wheelchair lift for buses thus making it an inclusivity centric brand also. This was certainly a turning point in our short history, as today, bus commute is mostly elusive for the physically challenged passengers. This market-first product also fully complies with the AIS053 standards.

Our Objective

Started in 2015 as a fully owned subsidiary of Tapco Pneumatics Ltd, Elektra started designing, manufacturing, and selling automatic door controls for the Indian bus industry, initially through the aftermarket and later directly through OEMs. Gradually, we expanded our capabilities and product line-up and today is home to

  • Electric automatic door control systems for buses
  • Pneumatic door control systems for buses
  • Bus doors of all types
  • Wheelchair lift for buses (Step type and cassette type)

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