Elektra MR920 – Manual Ramp

Product Description

ELEKRA UVL 855M can be applied for low-floor city bus.
It can help a person to enter bus comfortably and easily while seated in a wheelchair. It is installed on floor and flat with floor when not in use.
It doesn’t obstruct view, access and emergency exit, This ramp is operated manually by pulling the handle Light in weight and high corrosion resistance Proximity sensor used inside the ramp to know the status of the ramp

Advantages :

  • Designed as per AIS153
  • Platform with anti-skid surface
  • Ease of installation
  • Light in Weight
  • Robust Design
  • Interlock system: sensor inside to indicate the ramp status
  • Flat with the floor when not in use
  • Doesn’t obstruct the view, access, and emergency exit.


  • Maximum loading capacity – 350 Kg
  • Dimension – 920 X 900 X 22(mm)
  • Product Weight – 20 Kg
  • Retractable Position Sensing
  • Different Sizes Are Available as per customer requirement

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