Elektra Electric Door Controller

This Electrically operated Door closer is easy to use with highest degree of

Pneumatic In-swing door

The parallel shaft mechanism used in the door to Control the opening and closing of the door makes Sure the door opens

Pneumatic Out-swing door

Compressed air from the vehicle is used as the Source of power for this controller. A cylinder with Screw propeller

Pneumatic Jack-Knife door

Compared to conventional floor mount system, this System saves lot of space since the controller is mounted On the top and closed.

Electric out-swing door

Electrical out-swing door controller is compact in Structure, Highly efficient and driven by DC electrical Motor.

Elektra SL650

ELEKTRA SL650 is a retractable semi-automatic wheel chair lift developed to be fitted

Elektra UVL1200

ELEKTRA UVL 1200 is a retractable, completely automatic under lift made in stainless

Elektra MWR855

ELEKRA UVL 855M can be applied for low-floor city bus.
It can help a person to enter bus comfortably

Elektra SL900

ELEKTRA SL900 is a retractable automatic/semi-automatic wheel chair lift developed to be fitted